We provide one on one lessons with a qualified teacher in heated water for all ages.  We will be able to assist anyone from as early as 8 weeks up to 100 years old!! In these lessons we teach the children (and even Adults) the basics of swimming, how to float and how to propel themselves through the water.
Benji's Swimming Academy is a family of qualified teachers and coaches with more than 60 years experience between them.  Nikki and Rohan have been teaching and coaching since 1988 with many provincial and national coaching positions between them.  Taryn is an ex-competitive swimmer who has been working with children teaching them to swim since 1999.
We provide one on one lessons with a qualified teacher in a heated covered pool for all ages and skill levels.  In these lessons we take children and adults who are able to float and are confident in the water.  We teach and develop their technique and stroke effectively and competently.
We offer squads with a qualified teacher and coach for children and adults who's strokes are developed.  These squads are in groups of 3 or 4.  Here we develop stroke, technique and fitness.
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    E-Mail : benjiswim@mweb.co.za
Taryn - 082 674-3592 Nikki 082 869-0206